Eco Friendly Dryers

The Eco Tumble Dryer is the only domestic tumble drying appliance available in the UK which uses gas rather than electricity and which consequently produces 54% less carbon than a typical electric tumble dryer with 61% lower annual running costs.

Whilst allowing clothes to dry naturally clearly represents the means of the least overall environmental impact, in practical terms, the Eco Tumble Dryer represents the next best alternative, minimising the effect of drying in terms of financial outlay and environmental impact whilst maximising efficiency.

The Eco Tumble Dryer has a large 7kg capacity and is available in two models.

With around 10 million tumble dryers in the UK market, electric tumble dryers currently account for a massive 4.3% of the UK’s entire domestic energy consumption. The introduction of gas powered tumble dryers presents many benefits to both the consumer and the environment.

Carbon Efficient – The Eco Tumble Dryer is significantly more carbon efficient than electrical tumble dryers, producing 54% less carbon than a typical electric tumble dryer (at approximately 21kg carbon per year, as opposed to 40kg.)

Gas v Electricity – Given that Electricity is ~3 times more expensive than Gas, the Eco Tumble Dryer is significantly cheaper to run than an electrical alternative with a 61% lower annual running cost, averaging only £15 per year as opposed to £40 per year.

Energy Label Ready – A+ and A RATED ! Depending on which machine you choose. Exceptional for a tumble dryer, making your home overall a more efficient property.

Please note: Gas White Knight Tumble Dryer must be installed by a gas engineer registered with the latest HSE approved ‘Gas Safe Register’

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